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It's been a pretty good day so far for scandals.

Surely the correct response is to condemn both, not to say, "see, it's fine to look at photos that have been taken from Jennifer Lawrence's private computer without her consent". Pinky sex lesbian. It is hard to believe that in this day and age they would do it.

Either way, the papers have officially run out of things to write about now that the Essendon saga is over. That's what the mate who I tagged and I are about with things like this. Not adding more filth to it. Dane swan nude. Guaranteed that if the genders were reversed, anyone saying they'd like to see the pics would be called pigs, be told to respect their privacy and get called out by Clem Ford. Just saw this about swanny and wanted to say I think you should all get a life.

Click here to add this webpage to your IE favorites. I hope they cop it. You have no right to make statements like that. Good luck with your investigating though. Huge tit tranny porn. Welcome to AFL controversy of the week. Haven't seen anyone that disagrees.

Could this come under a violation of privacy or something of the like. It's just that your comment was something that I plausibly would see on reddit without sarcasm. I don't mind a tat but Swan's are a few too many. The Cloke one is from when he was selling an armchair and the Swan one is when he was trying to find a new home for his water bottle. We have an exclusive interview with the inventor of the phone camera. So who goes to jail under the new "revenge porn" laws slowly being enacted around the country?

Good to see its back on. Yeah, there's millions of men out there that just read it for the articles, so they got rid of the nudes. Anonymous Legend wrote on T Anonymous Veteran wrote on T I'm just grateful that the photos exist. They make such a cute couple. Tina brady nude. As a woman I believe that what's good for the goose should be good for the gander, end of story. They both look like shit.

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I guess that is what happens when you are a wood. Publishing nude photos from private text messages from a text message to sell Magazines.

Obviously the next thing in the chain is Kochie pics, its like Faith Hill'ing but more retarded. Mature nude couples pics. This amazing interview cannot be missed!

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And the same is true of men when a woman says we need more domestic violence shelters, a man, who has never shown any ounce of activism before, will say 'what about the men? Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete.

As someone who has seen Swan's antics in public before, I'm not even remotely surprised at this. Maybe ask Josh Bootsma for advice. Dane swan nude. The rules won't be as heavily enforced here, but try not to get too carried away in the best interest of the great community we have become.

You have no right to make statements like that. Our users say it best: I'm a girl and I don't want to see them. Being harsh but I hate self righteous stoners. I thought I heard over the weekend that they stopped publishing nudes on the cover - I'm actually surprised they are still in business.

In other news, it's a pretty serious criminal offence to forward on explicit photos these days. Which is understandable, two partnered players sending sex nudes is more of a story then two single players, but let's not pretend these leaks come from some greater public interest that women's day are responding too. Female agent lesbian tube. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the yellow sticker. But as I said in my first post Will reblog tumblr posts about Hollywood gender wage gap or misrepresentation of women as CEOS but haven't heard a word about any pertinent issues in the third world related to women.

Any women who buy the magazine, or who want to see the photos, have no right to complain if it happens to them. It's been a pretty good day so far for scandals. That's what people thought when the Nick Dal Santos photos came out That's funny. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. Much easier to sit back as a cynical prick taking the piss out of everyone.

I'm off to join the Sarcastiball subreddit. I'm not sure Swanny would mind too much about that. Sexy dance girl hot. Welcome to AFL controversy of the week. Click here for direct advertising rates on talk-sports. Banks on people being too scared to say something about it I reckon, and he's a 'star', so there's that. There are way too many armchair 'feminists' around my area, that only get vocal about equality when it suits them.

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The magazine claims Swan sent sexually charged messages and full-frontal nude images to at least one woman via his Instagram account, danes I can't say that I know Dane Swan's body intimately but I imagine his tattoos would give away the date of when these photos were taken.

I'm not sure Swanny would mind too much about that. Members Member 34 Joined: Members Member Joined: Bit stiff to avoid any sanctions by the club.

I'm not defending Cloke or Swan's behaviour. I don't understand why it is there lol. Riya sen naked pics. Girls ass in the air Obviously the next thing in the chain is Kochie pics, its like Faith Hill'ing but more retarded. Apparently I hear they broke up a few weeks ago and then they got back together recently.

Swanny just trying to preempt the inevitable 'Dane Swan comes back from offseason fat' article.

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